Lil Win Tricked My Ex Wife To Run Away With My Twins – Funny Face

Actor and comedian Funny Face has accused his colleague actor Funny Face of destroying his home.

He says Lil Win tricked the baby mama, mother of his twins Ella and Bella – into leaving home and running away with the children.

Funny Face is angry and has vowed to go down with Lil Win if the girls are not returned to him as soon as possible.

He added: “I can kill for the girls…Kwadwo, how do you do this to me?”

The comedian also asked the baby mama how much Lil Win paid her to do his bidding. The two formerly good friends have been at each other’s throat for some time now.

Funny Face had dared Lil Win to say “fiim fimm” and he would expose him.

However, Lil Win kept mute and never touched on Funny Face’s issue as he promised in an interaction with his fans.

Funny Face also threatened to expose Kalybos and Bismarck the Joke. According to him, Kalybos slept with his woman because he expressed interest in her.

We cannot say which of the women as to whether the former wife or the baby mama.

Funny Face has also related the maltreatment he is suffering from his baby mama including that she blackmails him with the kids anytime.

He also said at the slightest misunderstanding, the woman pulls a gun over his head and threatens to shoot him.

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